Thursday, October 2, 2014

Becoming A Working Artist

September 30th and October 1st I attended a live online class called Becoming A Working Artist on CreativeLive.  They are an excellent website that hosts a wide range of classes for creative people.  They stream a lot of classes for free and you can purchase specific classes to watch on demand.

Becoming A Working Artist was taught by artist Lisa Congdon, author of the indispensable book Art Inc. She is an artist who's work and career I have followed for quite a while and I consider her a mentor and role model for my artistic endeavors.

The 14 hour course was comprised of 22 segments that ranged from Embracing Yourself As An Artist, Actionable Goals to Achieve Your Dream, Crafting Your CV, Statement, Blog, & Portfolio, Understand the Fine Art World, Successfully Promote Your Work, Make Money Selling Your Own Work, Understand Illustration & Licensing, and Planning for Success.

 I highly recommend Lisa's course and book to any artist who wants to get serious about what they are doing and take their art career to the next level of success, whatever form they envision that being.  It's really given me the tools to start heading in the right direction and the motivation to do it.  Thanks Lisa!